Daniel Technology History

In 1986 there were only two choices in audio recording equipment for law enforcement. Recorders made in Switzerland by Nagra: high quality, reliable, and very expensive. Saul Mineroff Electronics, also known as SME offered various recorders made in Japan and Germany which were moderately priced but did not always meet the quality and reliability requirements of the law enforcement community.

At that time Tom Daniel used his experience in the recording and acoustic instrumentation industries as well as fifteen years with Nagra to start a company having the sole purpose of providing law enforcement with top quality equipment at affordable prices. Daniel Technology began by supporting proven high performance recorders with their own line of innovative accessories and reliable recording media. The next step was the enhancement of commercial recorders to improve their performance and meet the specialized needs of the government market. Finally, Daniel Technology has developed a broad line of recorders of their own design as well as specialized microphones, amplifiers, and remote control devices. This line has grown so broad that today Daniel Technology competes with many of the products offered not only by SME, but also those of companies from Adaptive Digital Systems (ADS) to Super Circuits.

Our objective is always to offer a balance between performance at any cost and the bargain priced products on the market.

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